Two-Year Schools and Technical Programs

Transfer Virginia

The Transfer Virginia Portal was initiated by state legislation and built collaboratively by the institutions of learning in Virginia. The portal directly serves all students in high school and beyond who aspire to enroll in a Virginia college or university either as a first-time student or a transfer student. 

The legislative goal of providing broader access to higher education for all students depends on a collective effort to make the portal accessible and to promote its use to students across the Commonwealth. 

Two-Year Schools and Technical Program

Community Colleges.  Community Colleges offer a variety of programs from Associates degrees that serve as preparation for transfer to a four-year college, to certificate programs that train you for a specific career.  Applications deadlines are generally more flexible than four year schools, depending on the program and school. And be sure you visit the campus to decide whether this school is right for you.

One great advantage to community college is the cost; these schools are far less expensive and often have grant money based on need ( FAFSA forms are still required to receive financial aid, however).  Additionally, students often still live at home, so they save housing costs.

There are 5 community colleges within driving distance of Middlesex County: Rappahannock Community College (two campuses - Glenns and Warsaw), J. Sargeant Reynolds (Richmond), John Tyler (Chester), Thomas Nelson (Hampton), and Tidewater (Norfolk).  Each has different programs and selection processes; use the College Book or the websites to find the specifics for each school.

Technical Schools. These schools may offer Associates degrees or certificates in programs designed to teach job skills in a specific area.  These programs are typically short - 6 month to 2 years - but are also typically more expensive than community college. They too accept financial aid and will help you find loans or grants to pay for their programs; complete a FAFSA for these programs and talk with their financial aid specialists to take advantage of all you qualify for.

RN to BSN Overview An educational hub for current and prospective students looking to attend a Healthcare or Nursing School ( that contains typical program outlines, costs, textbook information, and an expansion of the subject matter taught throughout the degree program as well as numerous citings on post-graduate career information in the field. (, we have published around 40 resource pieces answering all the questions that prospective or current nursing students would have.