Registration Information

2 years ago

Students entering a Middlesex County Public School need to be in good standing with their previous school and present the following to the school's Registrar, Julie Lewis (804) 758-9702 Fax 804-758-4806:

1.  Proof of Residency:    
     a.  Examples - utility bill, rental lease
     b.  If you are residing in a home with permission from the homeowner,
          please ask the homeowner to complete the Leaseholder/Home Owner Affidavit                     
2.  Student Information:
 a.  Original Birth Certificate
     b.  Immunization Records
     3.  Former School Information:
     a.  Transfer or withdrawal papers from former school
     b.  Transcript or last report card
     c.  Name and Address of former school
4.  Parent /Guardian ID:
a.  Please bring proof of custody or notarized permission from custodian

     All forms can be emailed to Julie Lewis,, Registrar