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Middlesex High School
P.O. Box 206
Saluda, Virginia 23149
(804) 758-2132
(804) 758-2873 (fax)
Key Administration
Susan Fleet, Principal
Alan Johnson, Assistant Principal
Vacant, School Counselor
Anne Baltrusaitis, School Counselor

Community Description
Middlesex County is in the heart of the Tidewater area of Virginia. This rural county is bordered by the Piankatank River, Rappahannock River, and Chesapeake Bay. The county supports timber, farming, and service industries, and has an active real estate/banking business community.  Many residents work outside the county in the Williamsburg, Richmond, West Point, and Hampton/Newport News areas. The natural beauty and waterfront property attracts retired and semi-retired individuals and also owners of weekend cottages.  The county exceeds a population of 10,000. The county school system consists of one elementary school (550 students), one middle school (270 students), and one high school (390 students).

Middlesex High School’s Mission Statement
Through mutual respect and professionalism, Middlesex High School guides students to reach high levels of academic achievement, builds pride through tradition, establishing strong community involvement, and sets high standards.  By providing a rigorous curriculum and access to new technology, our students graduate prepared and ready to compete in the global community.

Middlesex High School’s academic curriculum follows the Virginia Standards of Learning. The school offers technical programs in Building Trades, Drafting, Business and Marketing, courses in Fine Arts, including Band, Choir, Art, and Drama, vocational programs in Nursing Assistant, EMT, Electronics and Marine Trades, as well as honors, dual enrollment, and advanced placement courses for college bound students.

Diploma Requirements follow those of the Virginia Department of Education.  There are no additional requirements.

Grading Scale
A=100-90   B=89-80   C=79-70   D=69-60   F<59

Available Advanced Courses 

Honors – English 9-12, Earth Science, Biology, Spanish II-IV, World History I, II, US/VA History. It is expected that honors students are adept, able, and willing to work at a more rapid and independent pace. Courses are weighted at 4.5.

Advanced Placement (AP) – Calculus, Language, Literature, Statistics, US History,  Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry.  Online opportunities available in Psychology, Government, Economics and others.  Courses are weighted at 5.0.

Dual Enrollment (DE) – English 11 and 12, Chemistry, Health Assistant, Marketing, Advanced Accounting, Teachers for Tomorrow. Dual enrollment courses allow students to earn both high school and college credit for approved college-level courses in conjunction with Rappahannock Community College.  Students taking DE courses must take a placement test and pay a small fee per credit hour.  Courses are weighted at 5.0.

Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School – Provides high ability students a rigorous curriculum through enrichment, exploratory, investigative, and career awareness experiences in CIS, Algebra II/Pre-calculus, Statistics, Calculus, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental and Marine Science.  Courses are taken at Rappahannock Community College and are weighted 5.0.

Class Rank Determination
Pass/Fail courses are omitted from GPA. Students on Special Diploma are not included in class rank. Transfer student grades retain their original course weighting.

College Testing Data
CEEB Code: 472-050/Virginia State Code: 059-0090 

 Total SchoolVirginia State   National  

10-11 SAT
All students
Class of '11
Seniors only

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