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Financial Aid

Tips for getting financial aid/scholarship money from colleges:  Get to know the financial aid officer on a first name basis & always talk to the same person.  The early bird gets the worm, so start calling before the deadline.

FAFSA is the main financial aid form. It cannot be completed before January.  We have a yearly financial aid workshop here at MHS sometime in December/January (check with the Guidance Department for details) in order to help parents/students fill out the FAFSA.  Tax estimates can be used for the form; however, an .  All parents/students, regardless of income, should submit this form; some schools require it to be considered for scholarships (check with the schools individually).  Visit the website at:

If any financial aid/scholarship search requires payment from you, we do not encourage you to use it.
you are not assured of even recouping the money you spend.  You can do the research yourself for free!

TAG (Tuition Assistance Grant) is a program that provides grants to VA residents for full-time attendance to eligible private colleges & universities in Virginia.

Learn about loans - the different types, interest rates. The Sallie Mae Corporation is an established educational loan company:  (800) 891-1385.. See this website for more information:
Attend the Financial Aid Workshop in December/January (listen for announcements). 

Visit the following websites for more financial aid information:

Scholarship Saturday - opportunities for students. Get matched to colleges and scholarships that really fit you. - for copies of the guide, Funding Education Beyond High School:  The Guide to Federal Student Aid, and other information. - financial aid (a great place to start) & college searches - variety of college-bound subjects (college lists, payment plans, policies to reduce costs, average price per school, contact names) - The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia - information about tuition, fees, financial aid, applying for financial aid, etc. - "Paying for your college education" - College Connection Scholarships - Educaid - American Student Assistance - Financial Aid Supersite - Jack Kent Cooke Foundation - FinAid - Scholaraid - Scholarship Resource Network - United Negro College Fund - Air Force ROTC Scholarship - Scholarships for Performing, Visual and Literary Artists - Key Education Resources - Accredited school online - Finding scholarships, grants and other assistance - The guide was created to educate families on the risks and costs of using private educational loans.

Guide to Paying for College - Financial Aid, Scholarships, Savings, & Student Loans
In this guide, we go over the cost of college and the associated steps to pay for it. There are 6 steps in total, including The Cost of College, The Steps to Paying for College, Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants, College Savings Accounts, and Student Loans.

Consumer Affairs for those students/parents who might've already exhausted all federal, state, and institutional financial resources and are still facing a financial gap with limited options.

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